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Did I mention that I think feedback is a gift?!


Assessments are one good way to obtain some good feedback and food for thought and to kick start your journey toward learning and action.


My speciality is narrative 360 degree feedback. My Leadership 360 process is not cookie cutter. Each

assessment is tailored to your specific needs and that of your organization. The result is very personal, granular and contextual feedback that helps you better understand how to effectively engage with your organization and everyone in and around it in order to move your business forward and advance your career.

In addition, I can facilitate or deliver a number of individual and team assessments that are designed to

illuminate key areas of insight including:


  • The behaviours and conversations that are driving trust or eroding trust in your workplace;

  • The behaviours that lead to healthy relationships; or

  • Readiness for change – for you or your organization.

Give me a call so we can decide together what might work best for you right now.

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