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Lynda has an extremely astute sense of guiding a conversation towards clarity in thought and process.

She is a very good listener and provides sound and candid thoughts for discussion. She asks questions

that are relevant and provokes one to consider their journey and align with the goals they are working


Lynda, you really know how to listen. Let's not confuse this with the folks who are 'book trained in the

theory' - lots of them out there. You actually listen authentically.

Laughter played a big role in our conversations and interactions. No matter how serious the issue, there

would be something to laugh about and that laughter was disarming and made me feel comfortable and

at ease sharing/talking to you.

Lynda’s superpower is the ability to clear the path to enable others to get things done. Lynda is skilled at

laying out a vision that is both inspiring and practical.

Lynda is an emergency issues expert that executive can call when in trouble. She helps them formulate

and implement a plan through it.

Your ability to stay cool under pressure is likely your best trait and your ability to not sweat the small

stuff is something not everyone possesses.

Lynda is great at building high performing organizations by working with leadership teams to build their

capacity, vision for organizational excellence and helping (them) to build a roadmap to get there.

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