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Get a head-start on your knowledge building and inner leadership inspiration and with my curated online bank of recommended resources, tools, strategies and suggestions. 

Yours to watch, read and bookmark in easily digestible form, whenever you like.

Keeping the team connected

Tips for thriving when isolation and disruption are threats to how great teams function.


is job #1

Steps to show up authentically, provide support and offer a sense of confidence to your team.

Building and maintaining trust through workforce adjustment

How to deal with workforce reductions through careful planning and consideration, legalities, and policies.

Put on your own oxygen mask first

Great leaders know that taking care of yourself means that you can then take better care of others. Put on your own oxygen mask first!

Take advantage of the silence

A reminder for leaders: why there’s a number of good reasons to begin planning for recovery as soon as a crisis begins.



What is it really? We don’t all have a common definition for productivity and we don’t talk about it all that much. Find out why.


Dealing with trauma

Leaders play an important role in acknowledging trauma. Discover tips on how to help your people move forward in difficult times.


When embracing a new leadership role, think about the questions you need to address in the short, mid and longer terms. How will you handle these questions differently as a leader in an online world?


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