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My brand of consulting is likely different than you might have experienced in the past. Because my

mission is to leave you and the organization better equipped to meet your current and future challenges, my focus is to leave behind the learning. What from my experience can I teach you, share with you, or do for you that could possibly benefit you in those times you really need it yesterday?

Maybe you don’t have time for a learning curve to fully develop;

Maybe you don’t feel confident that you’ve got the expertise right now and want someone there to support you as you experiment with something new; or


Maybe you need to hit the ground running; you have an urgent problem or challenge that you’ve never seen before and you can’t hire someone fast enough to lead the charge. The best assignments for me are the ones where I am standing shoulder to shoulder with the CEO, the VP or the Executive team and we are developing and implementing the strategy or action plan together. We address the immediate challenge, I share new approaches and learnings with you and I coach you to put it into practice for the future. All the while, you are getting real work done and real problems solved.

If this sounds like something you need, let’s set up a complementary meeting to see if I am a good match for you and your organization.

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